Who are Covenant Players and what do we do?

Covenant Players are an International Repertory Theater specializing in Communications.

At present we have 61 units performing on 6 continents in more than 10 languages.

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Without sets and scenery, we perform wherever people are. We perform regularly in schools (from elementary through university), churches, retirement communities, military, prisons, businesses (adding drama and involvement to liven up human resources meetings), and many other venues. :


We perform in schools:

From Germany
From the website of
Unterneukirchen Montessori-School " Workshop der Covenant Players
The Covenant Players at Montessori-School
erschienen in der Ausgabe Dezember 2003
zurück zum Sori Montes

On Thursday, 04 December 2003 the classes Jacaranda, Mahagoni and Akazie had a very special English lesson. On Friday Malachit, Graphit and Pyrit enjoyed their turn of a very special English course."

From China

From the website of the Western Academy of Beijing

"The Covenant Players who are an international Theatre in Education company performed in the Founder's Theatre for all of the Elementary, Middle and High School students on November 24 and 25. They offered a variety of performances for each grade/syndicate level, choosing material suitable for the age and interests of the students.

Using simple theatrical techniques and relying upon the empathy and imagination of the audience they presented scenes which dealt with a variety of social and ethical issues.

They explored aspects of human hope and despair, communication and family relationships in a challenging and entertaining manner allowing the audience to to engage with the ideas and comment upon the drama.

Our students took full advantage of the opportunity to share their insights into the onstage action and the Covenant actors were very impressed by the audience's enthusiastic and thoughtful participation.
Geoff Duffield - Drama Teacher"


From Poland
From the website of GIMNAZJUM NR 16 W GDYNI


" Wizyta mi?dzynarodowej grupy Covenant Players
6 grudnia 2000 roku. Grupa Covenant Players w naszym gimnazjum Players "






We perform in Churches:

(Peter Iversen and Mel Melahouris - St John's Lutheran - July 2004)



(Tom & Shari Smith perform at Free Methodist Church, Riverside, California)


(Shari Smith and Sarah Kitch - Praise Chapel - Ontario, California) March 8, 1998


and retirement communities,


Adult Day Centers,


assisted living and nursing homes







Also with the military


United States Marine Corps Ground Attack Combat Center - 29 Palms California




Also camps, conferences, conventions, business retreats, country clubs, prisons, workshops, dinner theaters, and many more venues.




Our style of drama and over 2000 plays to choose from means that we can target in on specific communication needs of each user group as well as rehearse and perform almost ANYWHERE.

Mike & Nance perform "Mother Wants You" on Mother's Day at Westlake Community Christian Church, Westlake California

Mel Melahouris and LoWaine Robison cold reading a script





Peter Iversen and Michael Shalkey (Quiz for Cpers - What play?)


Peter at Christian School in Santa Paula, California : Blue & Green Planet exercise and play intro

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