The President's Message

December 2016

by Lisa Toth, President

Established 1987

It will be Christmas soon. I think this has been the fastest year of my life so far. As I am writing this, Andy and I are in Colorado at my son and his family ’ s home. We ’ ve had a wonderful time with parents and kids. Not used to small children though! The weather is cool and sometimes cold. Of course it is balmy to them. We fly home tonight. Can’t wait to pet kitties.

Well, as for computer-related items, I’ve sent a few questions to Toby and Jess for the radio show. Have you? Have you checked out our Facebook page? It is pretty interesting. You can get more immediate answers to some of your questions there. I really want to encourage everyone to check it out and join. I enjoy the links Craig and Toby post. I find out things I might not otherwise even hear about. Everyone has their own community from which to pull information. Not one of us can explore the entire internet so when one of our members posts a link or a picture, it is an opportunity you might otherwise miss.

Still learning how to use my new computer. Still wishing I had some of my old games. I had a tile/Mahjong game with numerous tile sets and some other solitaire -type games that I have not been able to find for the new computer. I’ve been suffering withdrawal! Did not realize how much I enjoyed these games. There is OneNote 2016 that I haven’t opened. I need to check it out and see how to migrate all my OneNote data from the older version. My menu now shows both versions. That might end up being a question for the radio show or our next meeting.

This month we meet on the third Saturday again. That will be the 17th. Put it on your calendar and join us.

    ‘til then,

    Lisa Toth

Happy computing!

Happy computing!