The President's Message

December 2012

by Jim Brown, President

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

W ell, my friends, another calendar year comes to an end. It can be a time of reflection and also a time of looking forward and setting goals. Last year had some rough spots in the road, but we dealt with those items successfully. At this time I can tell you that your board of directors is looking forward and doing a bit of planning.

There are items on the agenda that are still in the planning stages so we will comment on them at the proper time. I can say that in the next two months we will have new flash drives with new software and a DVD containing Windows 8 (you still have to buy the license from Microsoft; see the details on page 7). It is suggested that you consider not installing the new OS until later this month or in January -- just to see how things settle out. Don’t be in a rush to install it yet. These two items will be fundraisers for our club’s treasury. We have scheduled new presenters of programs and more Windows 8 information segments.

In addition we will have at our January meeting a more detailed club survey form and we ask that you fill out the form, which will give us information about club activities, your interests, and your opinions about how we might improve our meetings to better meet your needs. We plan to do this periodically. It is important that we are able to communicate with you.

I also wish to encourage everyone to go to our club website,, to stay current on information and special activities that may be of interest between meetings. While you are there, please read the duties of the elected officers of the board. Not only is this good information for you to know, but the review will hopefully encourage you to seek election to the board. Elections will be held in the spring. As you know, time is fleeting. That time will be here before we know it.

We also ask that your join Facebook if only to join the "cipcug group." There is a continual stream of information and comment during the month.

During this holiday period we all have an opportunity to express our higher consciousness and share our blessings. I wish all of our members the very best of this season, and may we all have a Wonderful New Year.

Happy computing!