The President's Message

December 2007

Paul Westefer

It's that time of year again. Time for New Year's resolutions. This year not only am I going to make resolutions, but I am also going to suggest some resolutions for other to make.

My first resolution is to back up more frequently. And this year I mean it.

Next, I resolve never to leave the paper tray empty.

Third, I resolve to try to remember to always turn off the mouse when it is not in use.

Most important, I resolve to get COMMAND.COM to John Weigle before the deadline.

Now for the other resolutions.

Computer store clerks: Stop chatting with your friends and wait on me. It would also be helpful if you knew something about the products you are selling

Chain stores and distributors: Eliminate rebates, which take forever to receive, if you ever do. Lower in-store prices.

Those to whom my phone call is "very important": If it is, then answer the phone before I fall asleep. And don't make me push nine buttons and still have to guess which is the one to push to get an answer to my query.

Please hire employees who speak the English language and don't have to keep consulting a book until my problem is resolved by trial and error or not at all.

It's impossible to block all spam, but don't ask me to pay extra for a better blocker. Your best should be part of your service.

You're doing a good job of eliminating others pop ups, but don't cover my screen with your own.

Don't try to be too helpful. When I type a first letter don't pop up with the names of 17 people I am not addressing.

Do we really need six different ways to do the same thing? It clutters up the keyboard and the screen.