The President's Message

December 2001

Andy Toth

The October meeting exceeded my expectations. Jeff Levy’s presentation style and content were invigorating. The meeting attendance was also higher than usual and resulted in five new members. Equally important, the "Check Up, Tune Up, and Troubleshoot" was also a success. About 20 members brought their machines in for the service. Rick was busy working into the Levy presentation. I want to express CIPCUG’s thanks to Rick and Toby of Ventura County Computers for suggesting and providing the service. Hopefully, the turnout did not scare them off and there will be similar offerings in the future.

On a not so high a note, interest in the New Horizons Computer Learning Center (NHCLC) course offering was not sufficient to select a course. Sadly, there were not even enough voters to fill a class. Once or twice a year I attend computer-training classes. The content and presentation of the NHCLC classes is as good as it gets. This was a generous offering from NHCLC, and I wish to thank Dianne DeWinter for the effort. Craig Ladd will be contacting other area user groups to see if enough people can be assembled, but it is highly doubtful. For those of you who expressed interest, send me an e-mail,, on what you your interest was and maybe a SIG or three can be arranged.

I have received some e-mails regarding suggestions made and not hearing anything back. If a suggestion is made to me at the general meeting, I note it, or if it’s sent to me via e-mail, it is presented at the monthly Executive Board meeting. I have not been the best at returning the decision to the suggester. Along those lines two were brought up at the October meeting. Raffle tickets are a fund-raiser for the club. It was decided that $10 would buy 13 tickets as opposed to the 12, previously. $20 gets 26 tickets and a big THANK YOU from me. A second item was a method to allow members who leave early to claim drawing prizes. This is a tough call. The committee decided that it couldn’t be responsible for your selection. The committee suggests that you leave your tickets with a friend. If your ticket is called, your friend can select an item for you. It is also your responsibility to pick the item up from your friend. The committee appreciates the income, but there is no real way to make decisions for you.

The library should be routinely available starting January 2001.