The President's Message


George Lakes

Those of you who were at the November meeting are aware that the amendment change to the by-laws for the number of members necessary for a quorum was unable to pass because of an insufficient number of votes at the meeting. The amendment ballot had also been made available on the club Web page prior to the meeting so voting could be done there for those not able to come to the meeting. The combined count was still short about 19 votes. In order to keep it alive, we extended the time until the board meeting on Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. Arline sent an e-mail to the remainder of the members who had not voted either at the meeting or the Web page. Subject: CIPCUG needs your vote. It stated what the proposed change was and requested a "Yes" or "No" vote, name and membership number. The combined vote of signatures at the meeting (105, voting on the Web page (13) and responses by e-mail (42), a total of (160) were sufficient to pass the amendment.

We wish to thank all of you who voted to complete this important change to the bylaws. It should be easier in the future to vote on anything that requires a vote and hopefully will allow us to finish the voting process without having to go through the additional time-consuming work. We now have a smaller number of members that make up the quorum, one-fifth or 20 percent, rather than the one-third or 33.3 percent of the membership.

To get a quorum vote, it would be beneficial to have the option of voting a ballot via e-mail for the membership with e-mail addresses as well as the membership having access to voting the ballot on our Web page. The order of business would be to place the information in the Constitution and By-laws. This addition is necessary to the By-laws for including e-mail and Web page voting to assure a quorum:

ARTICLE 13: MEETING OF MEMBERS; SECTION 13.7 VOTING RIGHTS: Each member is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote by the members. Voting at duly held meetings may be made by either voice vote or ballot. Election of Officers will be by ballot.

A proposed addition to ARTICLE 13: MEETING OF MEMBERS; SECTION 13.7a VOTING RIGHTS shall in-clude:

Notice shall be given at the regular meeting one month prior to the month in which the vote will be taken. The notice shall be placed prominently in the newsletter and on the club's Web page as well. Voting at duly held meetings may be made by either voice vote and/or by ballot including electronic ballot as follows: Voting prior to any given monthly general meeting may be done by a ballot sent to the membership via e-mail and returned to the President of the Corporation at the President's e-mail address ( and/or by voting a ballot on the club's Web page and counted by the Web page administrator or a designated member. Each Ballot must include first and last name and membership number. Electronic voting shall be made available for the membership to vote fourteen (14) days prior to the monthly business meeting, until four (4) days before the monthly meeting. Members will sign attendance sheets at the business meeting. Members will be issued a written ballot if they are not on record as having voted electronically.

* * *

This by-law addition will be posted on the Web page through December. It will be brought up for discussion at the December meeting and will be voted on at the meeting of Jan. 6, 2001.

Speaking of voting, there will be an election of officers in June 2001. That may sound like a long time off, but it is important to form a nominating committee well in advance. It is necessary for it to have sufficient time to select candidates who are willing to run for office and also to find volunteers for appointed positions to aid in making the club run smoothly. If you would like to be on the nominating committee, please contact me or one of the other officers.

Jerry Stevens and Stephen Morgan from the Association of Computer Users Groups have requested feedback from everyone who has purchased our APCUG CDs. They would like to know what we think of the appearance and content, how you are using the CD, and for those members who didn't purchase one, what the reason was. Should they think about creating another one next year? After you have had the opportunity to use it for a couple of months, we will look forward to your response. Both the CDs and the book "The Secret Guide to Computers" are excellent "stocking stuffers" for Christmas.

Last month, we had a very poor attendance at some of the SIGs. Our SIG coordinator, Ralph Duchacek, has recovered from surgery and has scheduled a number of SIGs for December. The SIG leaders volunteer their time and effort. Please show them your appreciation of their efforts by attending as often as you can. Most of the SIGs will be held at Gateway in Oxnard, and several at Ventura County Computers in Ventura. Toby Scott said he had standing room only at one of his, so the board has agreed to loan him 12 of the club's chairs for use at the SIGs held there.

For those people who request it by signing up on our Web page, Andy Toth will send out a reminder two days before the SIG. Don't forget to check the Web page for further updates.