The President's Message


David Harris

Special Interest Group meetings have been an important part of not only CIPCUG but of all active computer clubs. It is through these sessions that members can exchange knowledge, information and ideas. We have two problems in our SIG area. First, getting members to head a session and, second, getting attendance. These areas are of great concern to the board and will be discussed in detail at a coming meeting. Prior to that we need your input! Should we continue SIGs? What topics should we offer? Where and at what time should they be held?

One choice is after our general monthly meeting at the Boys & Girls Club. We are open to any suggestions and ideas on the above questions. I am going to list some ideas for topics below. Please send me an e-mail at with your ideas and suggestions.

  • Scanning: Hardware and software.
  • Web searching.
  • Auction sites: bid and buy.
  • Shopping on the Web.
  • Building a computer from parts.
  • Downloading information to your computer.
  • Updating all your drivers.
  • Managing your photos.
  • PC-Mac comparisons.
  • Mega search engines.
  • Backing up data.
  • Digital cameras.
  • Turbo Tax.
  • Tracking personal investments.
  • Vacation bargains online.
  • Faxing: sending and receiving.
  • Voice/video communication online.
  • Virus protection.
  • Print screen/selective printing.
  • Shareware and freeware.

We do not want to discontinue this excellent sharing and learning program. Only with your input can we continue successfully.