The President's Message

November 2002

Andy Toth

The Linux presentation at the October meeting was well done. Linux has matured and is ready for the desktop. The fear of the unknown is probably the major factor keeping it from being mainstream. There is a considerable amount of application software available for this operating system, free and otherwise. Almost any hardware that is purchased has Linux drivers supplied with it. There must be enough of a market to make this investment.

Do Linux applications match the corresponding Windows applications one-for-one? No. They are very, very functional and full featured, but there are differences. I will say that most users will never discover the differences.

There is also a learning curve, which can be steep. However, there is always a learning curve with a new application. If you are interested in pursing the Linux Operating System, click on the Linux Info link on the CIPCUG home page and/or attend a Linux user group meeting. Attend one of my OpenOffice SIGs. See what you can get for free. Of course, you may start to wonder why you are paying so much for something that is free.

I have not received any requests for applications to be placed on the CIPCUG CD. Don’t be shy. Send the request to me at . In the near future the six most recent issues of the TOE and the User Group Discount pages will be password-protected. The TOE and the Discounts are considered a privilege of membership. The password will be e-mailed to each member. You can update your address at the meeting or send an email to

Have a suggestion for a SIG or would you like to give a SIG? E-mail me. We currently have about one SIG each week. SIG topics lately have be selected based on moderator (key word, "moderator") availability and not requests. Requests make it so much easier.

Also, it is no surprise that a requested topic has a higher attendance. The SIGs are for the benefit of the members. Take advantage of them.