The President's Message


George Lakes

There is both good news and bad news. Monday morning, I thought I had a problem. Tuesday morning, it was worse and by the time we finished the board meeting and went upstairs, my wife, Arline diagnosed it. I have the gout, (again)! During the night, it became very painful and today, I have done very little moving around. The little I did do was with the aide of crutches. The good news, this will probably be the shortest COMMAND.COM that I will ever write!

The following amendment will be voted on at the November Meeting. The bylaw being changed is ARTICLE 13 MEETING OF MEMBERS; SECTION 13.5 QUORUM FOR MEETINGS. A quorum shall consist of one third (1/3) of the voting members of the corporation.

Amendment dated November 4th, 2000 shall read as follows: A quorum shall consist of one fifth (1/5) of the voting members of the corporation and shall be known as ARTICLE 13; MEETING OF MEMBERS; SECTION 13.5a QUORUM FOR MEETINGS.

If you can’t make the November meeting, you can vote on our web page.

All of our long awaited APCUG 1st Edition CDs have finally arrived. Some of our members, who had purchased them in advance, were able to pick them up at the October meeting last Saturday. If you haven’t purchased one, they will be available at the November 4th meeting. We will have them available at the October SIGs as well.The following is a quote from Stephen Morgan, Secretary of Board of Users Group Advisors in the APCUG (Association of Personal Computer User Groups) Report, Vol. 11, No 4, 4th quarter 2000, pages 22 and 23:

"CONTENTS OF THE CDs: In addition to the shareware/freeware programs, there is additional material. There are sections that explain what User Groups and APCUG are about, with quotes from industry leaders on the value of User Groups. There are links to the APCUG web site and online User Group Directory for purchasers of the CD to help locate a group for their friends and family in most parts of the world. The Glossary, explains many of the words and phrases that are used in the computer world, a big help for beginners and experts as well. There is a help section for downloading files, finding files, drivers and details for saving the files on the CD. The "Credits" section is a listing of the people who have helped in producing the CD.

"PROGRAMS: There are over 200 programs/items on the CD, including the nationally known "TUCOW’s Top 100" downloads. Some of the programs are Notepad replacements, graphics, mortgage, calculator, voices for reading your email, audio composers, MP3, zip, bookmark, browsers, chat, IRC, print utilities, translator, internet phone, games, web cams, HTML Editor, anti virus, download managers, modem sharing, networking, image animators, editors, viewers, clipboard, firewall ftp, and more. Zip programs, essential for anyone downloading programs from the Internet or for sending large programs by email are included. With the popularity of MP3 audio files and Digital Cameras there are a number of free programs that compare favorably with commercial programs. There is a program that will read your email, web pages to you, sit back, shut your eyes and listen. Viruses are an unfortunate fact of the computer world. There are a number of virus scanners, included. Every computer should have a virus scanner", end quote. Look for the complete index elsewhere in this newsletter. We feel there is something there for everyone and certainly a real bargin!"

I discussed the raffle at length last month. A raffle ticket drum and ticket dispenser have been purchased which will be used starting in November. A free ticket will be given to each member when signing in. This free ticket will be used for any items the presenter has brought as give-a-ways to club members. (If there are no door prizes from the vendor, the tickets are void for the month.) At the far end of the membership table, members and guests may obtain tickets at $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 for a number of items the club has purchased for that purpose. You may find a list of the raffle items both in this newsletter and on the web page. The items will be displayed on the table where the tickets are purchased until the meeting begins. They will then be transferred to the table on the stage. As suggested by member Jim Thornton, we are requesting the winners say their names as another way of getting to know each other.

Good luck! We can’t all be winners, but in this way, we can all help the club.