The President's Message

October 2016

by Lisa Toth, President

Established 1987

September's meeting was a good meeting where the Q&A was followed by Toby and Michael doing the presentation. We really could use some ideas on future programs for the club. If you have some, why don't you contact Craig Ladd. In this day and age, companies don’t have the budgets they used to have for this kind of outreach. I’m sure however, there are other areas of related interest we could delve into. I have a couple of ideas and will send a note to Craig myself.

Sandy was out this month and will be out in October, too. She’s OK. Fun things, I understand. Paddy is standing in by selling the tickets and putting out the prizes. Jerry is doing a fine job with the pictures and some videos for the Facebook page. We really have a nice group of people making sure things run well.

My computer is starting to give me fits. Probably needs an overhaul. I am not good at remembering to do all the things I should to keep it in tip-top shape or even ragged at the edges. So I am shopping for a computer. Actually, I sent a note to Rick Smith to sell me one. Andy doesn’t think I need much. He thinks I am such a lightweight. He’s probably right. I don’t expect my computer to do things it wasn’t meant to do. I just want to play my solitaire games, roam the Internet for the things I am interested in, make a purchase now and then, keep a few files and pictures and pay my bills and keep tabs on them. You won’t hear me in here cussing at it when it gives me fits. I know there are going to be hiccups now and then.

I’m gonna get a laptop this time. No more anchor for me. I will have to give up my iPad soon as it is almost obsolete and doesn’t work as well as it once did either. Haven’t decided what I’ll do about that as I have really enjoyed watching my gourd and quilt videos on it as well as reading books and magazines and playing solitaire. I haven’t gotten used to the idea that these things don’t last as long as a car or my refrigerator or my stove that I paid as much or maybe less for. Well, maybe I paid more for the car. But about 15 years ago I bought a washer and dryer set for less than I paid for the iPad, and they are still working just fine, thank you very much.

I’ve rambled along enough this month. It’s just me and the kitty herd here in the office, and I’m getting ready to nod off.

See you at the October meeting.

    Lisa Toth

Happy computing!