The President's Message


James Brown

"Promoting the Harmony of Coputer Education, and Camaraderie"
Another month has flown by. I have had seminars and other business that caused me to miss the September meeting. However your board and presenters and others who work behind the scenes are very capable of keeping things going. My appreciation extends to all of them.

In addition, I extend my appreciation to you, the members at large, not only for your attendance at the meetings but also for your efforts.

In addition, the board is working to increase our exposure within the greater Ventura area, and we should see results of the efforts soon. If you have ideas on any aspect of our group, please see a board member or use the CIPCUG website. We welcome your input.

If you haven't joined the Facebook crowd, please do so and go to "groups" and then to CIPCUG. John Weigle especially has been posting the latest changes that Facebook has been making for your security. There are many good discussions there, and I, for one, have learned a few things.

Please see Helen Long and sign up for "The Secret Guide to Computers." This very complete book would also make a very nice gift. (The holidays are coming, you know).