The President's Message

October 2008

Paul Westefer

Many years ago I was employed by a large manufacturing company in Los Angeles. One of my several duties was to administer the company suggestion system. Having no previous experience with suggestion systems I didn't know what to expect.

After working with the system for several years, I became a strong advocate of suggestion systems. Thoughtful individuals who deal repeatedly with a situation can come up with ideas that improve operations, save money or solve problems.

Now that merchants have moved Christmas up to September, the CIPCUG board began in September to plan for 2009. The board has already received some suggestions from members. We hope to receive many more. Even when a suggestion is not adopted as presented, it may lead to a needed improvement.

If you have a suggestion, present it to any of the board members in writing or talk with them about your idea. If you prefer, you can e-mail it to board members. Their names and e-mail addresses appear each month on the second page of TOE.

One of the items that the board has discussed is the Special Interest Groups. We are always open to suggestions for new subjects or for repeating a previous SIG.

One item discussed was a new beginner program. With publicity, such a program might attract new members as well as assist some current members.

Even if you do not have a suggestion, the board welcomes your opinion on current or proposed operations.