The President's Message


Lois Evans de Violini

The SIG at CompUSA was a great success. It was a full house. The room was small, but every seat was taken. As usual, Michael did a great job, and everyone learned a lot about what should be kept on the desktop, what is unnecessary but harmless and what turns up there that can become irritating, sometimes costly and, therefore, best removed quickly. It was a little disappointing that the promised CompUSA discount coupons were not available for this, our first meeting, but the reasons for that will be explored and hopefully corrected. We will continue to have these meetings as long as the members enjoy them. Please come and join us.

Steve Bass gave a fascinating presentation on his book titled "PC annoyances" that held everyone's attention. The book itself holds many interesting hints not only on how to correct computer annoyances but also about other annoyances. For instance, do telemarketers drive you crazy even if you have yourself on the "do not call" list? Steve says that the "doo - dah - dee" tones that are sent out to signal that a phone is disconnected can be downloaded and put into the first part of your message on an answering machine. When the telemarketer's autodialer hears these tones, it deduces that you phone number is not in service or has been disconnected. The rationale is that the more telemarketers discover that you phoner is disconnected, the fewer the calls. Steve tells you where to get the proper sounds so you can record them on your answering machine.

As you start to read this book, you may believe that the fixes are the simple ones you've heard before at our meetings, and many of them are. But as you read on, you'll discover as I did that there are many fixes that you could use that you didn't know existed. This book puts all these fixes to annoyances in one place for easy access.

Our thanks to Steve Bass for his presentation and for signing the books he sold at the meeting. It is possible that the club can obtain these books directly from the publisher and supply them at a discount. If you won't have Steves signature, but all the wonderful information will still be there.