The President's Message

October 2001

Andy Toth

Jeff Levy will be our guest speaker for October. Visit the CIPCUG web site for links to his site. For anybody unfamiliar with Jeff, he is the host of a computer-related radio talk show on KFI (640 AM). His presentation should be informative and entertaining. All are welcome.

The next topics relate to the class offering from New Horizons Computer Learning Center and the October "Check-Up, Tune Up, and Troubleshoot."

By this time, each of you should have received an e-mail describing both these events. Only on rare occasions will group mailing be done. The $65 per person course cost, for group-selected cours, is exceptional, and I believe warrants this mailing. I attended a beginning Power Point 2000 course in September. The class was started with the premise that I had basic Windows skills but knew nothing about Power Point. It was as if I had one-on-one training during the class. The normal cost is $245, and at $65 this is a steal. If you have any interest go to CIPCUG.ORG and sign up. The caveat is that a group of 24 is required for this to happen. I hope by the time this is read a course has been selected. We hope to schedule a course in the late October to late november time frame.

At the October meeting from approsimately 8:45 to 10:45 a.m., the "Check UP, Tune Up, and Troubleshoot" will be taking place. The cost will be $10, which is split between CIPCUG and Ventura County Computers. You will also get a $10 gift certificate good for service or merchandise. As the e-mail mentions, since there is no Internet connection at the meeting site, Ventura County Computers needs advance notice for special BIPS and odd drivers needed so they can be downloaded and burned to a CD. I hope anyone with this need has already contacted Ventura County Computers. If this does well, the event will probably occur more times during the year and, I hope, years to come. Remember, it is available to members only. Tell your friends. Maybe you just want the System Tray cleaned out.

It has been difficult to find a volunteer to repace Arther Jensen as librarian.

Two persons have stepped forward but can only do it part-time. This is being seriously considered. There will be some logistical problems. I believe they can be overcome. Due to the "Tune UP" activity, there will be no library at the October meeting.

Lastly, Tammy and Krista will be our break hostesses. I thank them for taking on the task.