The President's Message


George Lakes

There is good news, hot off the press! APSUG reported our CD’s are just about to be shipped and will be available at the October meeting. Robert Provart will put in an order for the "SECRET GUIDE" which has always been a very popular computer book.

Another bit of good news. Arthur Jensen was able to rearrange the equipment and chairs at out storage facility and was able to combine everything from the second unit into one unit. This rearranging and organizing was helped considerably by having sold some of the club’s surplus equipment at the July auction. This will save the club $27.50 per month. Thanks, Arthur!

Unfortunately, we were unable to get to the revision of the Constitution and By-laws at this board meeting because of time restraints, as I used to like to say, "Because of the volume of official business". We may have to wait until November for putting it up for a vote.

As per the "Executive Committee Meeting Notes", considerable time was spent on "Raffle Tickets".

1. We had the issue of members wanting a free ticket. Answer: Initially, I was personally against having free tickets because we are currently spending a hundred dollars a month for our door prizes and in addition to being able to pay for the door prizes, it was kind of nice to have a surplus to add to our treasury. Money we get from any kind of fundraisers, help us afford to upgrade equipment such as our recent expensive projector.

2. We had an issue of having free tickets competing with tickets from monetary donations. Answer: The reason I changed my mind about having free tickets, was the result of the suggestion made by our secretary, Laura Pacheco. What she said in essence was "Have the free tickets used for the drawing of a prize or prizes supplied by the program presenter." In other words, FREE PRIZES won with FREE TICKETS! If a given vendor’s presenter does not have any donated door prizes, there will be NO FREE TICKETS. In the future, our tickets will be two different colors.

3. How many prizes is an individual entitled to keep if the person wins more than one prize? Answer: As many as the person’s multiple tickets say he or she has won. If a person isn’t allowed to keep the multiple prizes, it reduces the incentive of procuring additional tickets. In the future, to give our raffle a little more credence, we will do away with the empty, 3 lb. fruitcake tin and replace it with a drum type of ticket mixer.

4. The "Raffle" as a club moneymaker is very important. Answer: The club cannot afford to give away the items the club has had to purchase. Therefore, the incentive of a dollar each or six tickets for $5.00 makes it a little more appealing.

5. At what time during the meeting, should the raffle be conducted? Answer: The raffle for both the presenter’s prizes and the club’s door prizes will always follow the presentation. If the raffle is done before the presentation, some people will leave before the program. There was a time when we had as many as 200 plus at a meeting. If a few people left, it didn’t make much difference. It probably wasn’t noticed at all. But, now, with half as many people in attendance, a few people leaving are probably quite evident. Most vendors want to be assured of a minimum of a hundred people or more. Also, it is not fair to the vendor or the presenter. This could be considered both embarrassing and insulting. If this continued to happen on a regular basis, our club could find itself with a bad reputation and have more difficulty in finding programs in the future. Hopefully, all of you will concur with the board’s decisions.

Please refer to the Executive Committee Meeting Notes or the Web Page for a list of the items to be raffled at the October meeting by the club.

When we discussed the donut issue, I brought it to the board’s attention that many years ago O’Connor’s Donuts made excellent donuts and delivered them to the club. The same person who made them then, is now the owner of O’Connor’s Donuts and continues to make very high quality products. Arline and I can attest to this because whenever we go to Mass on Sunday morning rather than Saturday evening Vigil Mass we always stop for coffee and a "Goodie" or two. I asked the owner what was the best price he could quote us for eight dozen assorted donuts. The best price for eight dozen mixed donuts is $35.00 if we pick them up. We will be having donuts from O’Connor’s Donuts and I guess you know who will be picking them up.