The President's Message

September 2011

James Brown

September is considered by many to signal the end of the summer months. It seems, however, that lately we have tasted the warmth of the summer - finally. Now we begin to plan for the holiday season, and our wish is that it is an enjoyable season for all. Your board is considering a few ideas to bring something new and fun-filled to our schedule in the next few months along with our scheduled meetings.

Our organization is now 25 years old and still strong. We are considering ways to celebrate our special anniversary: •We are considering raffles to include a computer. •Another possibility is having our anniversary party at an affordable location near our current location.

We welcome any suggestions you might have in this regard.

Helen Long still has the sign-up sheet to order "The Secret Guide to Computers." AS you may remember, this is a very comprehensive guide, which is an easy reference for issues that may arise with your computer.

Our August meeting proved to be special. First, we welcomed 10 guests, and four of those joined our computer club. One guest heard about us at the library. We want to thank our members for bringing a friend or associate to the meetings. We also thank our new members who just joined us. We will strive to make your visits wothwhile, informative, and fun-filled.

Our guest speaker presented information on a free open-sourced program that was easy to understand and was very relaxed and easy to listen to.

I realized that what makes our meeting special are the personalities of our moderators - Jessica has a youthful presence; Toby is the professor who has humor; Rick is laid back, and his humor is at the forefront; and Michael spontaneously expands the presentation of the others and leads us down parallel pathways. The friendliness and humor are evident. What a great team!

Until next month.