The President's Message

September 2007

Paul Westefer

Several members have expressed their uncertainty about the relationship of the various offices listed in the TOE and on the club Web site. Those are difficult to explain in such limited spaces. To explain more fully:

The Channel Islands PC Users Group (CIPCUG) was originally incorporated in 1995. The bylaws provided that CIPCUG would be under the direction of a Board of Directors. The original board was to consist of five members elected by the club membership: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and immediate past president. These officers also have limited authority to act as an Executive Committee.

The bylaws were later amended to add four non-elected board members: membership chair, SIG chair, Web/ISP chair, and technical adviser.

The Board of Directors also has the authority to appoint club members to be officers. The appointees are ex officio (non-voting) officers. The board may add to or delete offices as operational requirements change. For example, the club no longer maintains a library so the board voted to delete the office of librarian until such time as a library is resumed.

The Board of Directors may change or repeal some bylaws. Certain bylaws require the approval of the members of CIPCUG. The board continues to review the needs of the club. At present, no change is under consideration that would require a vote of the membership. Should approval be required, advance notice will be given prior to submitting any change to a vote.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the members of the Board of Directors.

All of the board members and officers are volunteers serving without pay. The only way the club can continue to serve members is if members continue to volunteer. If you see a vacancy listed, please consider volunteering.

Returning to the July meeting, John Weigle reported that the first edition from the new source went well. Some members even got TOE earlier than usual.

Congratulations to Dave Minkin and his new audio equipment. We got through the entire meeting without a feedback screech.