The President's Message


Lois Evans de Violini

For the past two months I have mentioned the possibility of members helping members via a program that would let the helper control the computer of the person being helped. No one has volunteered to help provide this service, and only one person asked to be helped. Therefore, the idea has been abandoned.

At the next meeting, we will again offer a CD with useful freeware and shareware programs for the low, low donation of $5 to the club coffers. We have done this before with great success, and with so many new programs out there, an updated CD should be useful to all.

Jim Thornton has suggested that we provide a professional looking icon that will show up in the browser favorites list to mark the CIPCUG Web site. This is a great suggestion, and the board would be happy to have such an icon. The problem is that these icons are very small and, therefore, rather difficult to design. A challenge to those of you with graphics ability. Design a CIPCUG favorites icon and submit your design to the board for approval. As a personal gesture to the success of this project, I'll pay one year's dues for the member who submits the best design approved by the board.

More annoying, however, was the fact that my brand new out-of-the-box version of Norton AntiVirus 2006 would not install. It simply said this is the wrong version of Windows and quit. This is probably not the fault of Microsoft. My guess is it happened because Norton hasn't updated its products to the Vista specifications yet. Guess what did install though yes, the free version of AVG. Such is life when running a beta!