The President's Message

September 2003

David Harris

Recently I gave my first SIG on Yahoo finance, a program I have been using since 1999.

Since I was familiar with it, it was easy to demonstrate. In fact it was just like adding another stock and reviewing the day's stock market. No teaching, just showing others what I do daily. I believe all enjoyed seeing the presentation.

We try to present three or four SIGs a month, usually on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at Ventura County Computers. Unfortunately, our club has been using mostly the same presenters for these SIGs. We need new blood.

I am asking the members to share their knowledge with their fellow members. Each of you has been using computers for some time and are very familiar with the programs that you use daily. Please share what you know with others.

We are always looking for new topics to have presented to the group. I know there are members who know Adobe Photoshop or Photo Elements, Quicken, Front Page, Powerpoint, Access, Money, Excel - to mention only a few of the programs we use that YOU can present at one of these informal SIG meetings.

Do you convert vinyl records or cassettes to CDs, do you scan old slides to CDs? These are some examples of what you do that others don't but would like to see how it is done.

Let's all try to come up with a program that can be presented at a SIG and be able to share what you know with others. We don't ask you to teach, only to present what you do that might be of interest to others.

Andy Toth is the SIG coordinator, and you can contact him at with any programs you are willing to share.