The President's Message


Craig Ladd, Vice President

Thanks to everyone who supported me while George and Arlene enjoy theirvacation. It was my first time hosting a monthly meeting and was a little nervous.

I would like to thank Harold & Karen Johnson (#562,#888) for their generous gift of $70 to our club along with their renewal. We appreciate this very much and will put it to good use. Thanks again Harold and Karen!

Brad Williams did a great job presenting OmniUpdate, which is Internet-based service. As you may or may not know, in our meeting room we do not have a phone line, so no internet connection is possible. This made it challenging for Brad not being able to show how his service works on the internet or showcasing some of the web sites his service maintains. Good job Brad in spite of this!

I am sure everyone noticed that we used our new NEC projector for this presentation. It worked beautifully. Because it is much brighter than our old one, it will make it possible to leave the lights on so we can actually see the face of the presenter. Thanks to our past president, Toby Scott, for finding such a great deal on this projector! It will also improve viewing for our SIGS. We are on a little bit of a learning curve, so at next meeting we will try to have the display a little larger.

Also it has been suggested that we use a computer and the projector during the Q & A to actually show some of the solutions and problems that are brought up during the Q & A. This would be a great idea, but there are problems with this. The questions cover all different kinds of programs and operating systems. It would be difficult to have a computer with all of these programs installed. And there is limited amount of time that Q & A has. Still, it is still being considered. We are trying to figure out what percentage of the questions could be answered on a standard laptop.

For the last two meetings we have been raffling tickets for door prizes with great success! However we want to change the format slightly. We discussed the raffle at the August board meeting and have decided that each member attending should get one FREE raffle ticket to be used for door prizes as has been done in the past. Everyone will get one free ticket, but may purchase as many additional tickets as they wish. Additional tickets will cost the same as last month -- $1 each or 6 for $5. Also the board has decided that there will be only one prize per member in the drawing. In the August meeting we had the incredible circumstance where a member had THREE winning raffle tickets. You can see the dilemma.

In keeping with trying to add to the treasury, there is a break-even factor in club membership using the club's ISP. We are still just a little positive at this time. If you are considering changing, please give CIPCUG a try. Benefits include unlimited access without being dropped off, economical price, faster connection, not dealing with advertising. Tech support will also go to your house and help set up free of charge. Now that we are using a professional service, we have had virtually no problems.

We are still looking for volunteers to take over some positions such as membership, coordinator of booth at Oxnard & Ventura computer shows, and advertising.

Many thanks to those board members who are wearing more than one hat in the recent weeks. You ARE appreciated. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the September meeting!