The President's Message

August 2015

by Lisa Toth, President

Established 1987

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

The July presentation on Windows 10 was very enlightening. I can’t remember Toby and Michael being this excited about any new program other than OneNote. I’ve decided I need to get a Windows phone so I will be able to use all the features of Window 10. My next computer will likely be a Microsoft Surface so I can be fully integrated. I am sure I will still be able to use my 32-inch screen and my keyboard and mouse for the things I do on my desktop now and the Surface undocked when I want it to be a tablet. So much to think about and the learning curve keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Back to OneNote, I still don’t have all the features working. Operator error, I am sure. Toby has been very patient with me, but I just can’t get the send to function to work! I used to feel pretty confident about using a computer and all the various programs. I started using computers back in 1978, when they were the size of a refrigerator and you had to change out huge disks weighing 10 to 15 pounds and about 18 inches in diameter and they had 5 kb of space! We thought no one would ever need more than that! To start the computer you had to “boot” it; there were 16 switches that had to be in just the right configuration for each user. On top of that, all the commands were in DOS. To get in to my program I would type on the command line: BRBEGN or ARBEGN. I had to coordinate with the bookkeeper as to when she would do her work and I would do mine.

The first time I tried to use a program on a Windows 3.1 machine, the tech guy forgot to tell me I would have to click twice on the icon to start my session.

The coffee ladies have retired, and Jessica Scott will be our coffee lady. Be sure to say hi to her and complement the coffee.

I’m going to be assisting Craig with the programs. He has some very interesting presentations coming up so put the fourth Saturday on your calendar for the meetings.

Happy computing!