The President's Message

August 2011

James Brown

August typically is a very hot summer month. I hope you are all coping with the heat well.

Our long-range goal is to increase the public's awareness of our computer club. With targeted exposure, our hope is that the public awareness will help us to enlarge our membership base. We are providing a service, a teaching environment, in a friendly atmosphere, with the goal of increasing our computer knowledge, increasing our awareness of the new ways of communicating in the ever-changing computer world.

I am making a request of you, our members. You can respond to these requests by email at our CIPCUG website. You can send responses to an officer of the board directly or to the entire board at

We will advertise in the local Acorn newspapers and other similar publications. We will modify and update our brochure, and the idea is to hand it out at community events at an information booth or table. We would like to have exposure on city websites, libraries and other websites. Do any of you have a contact or an interest in a particular venue? Please let us know.

We also are looking for someone to put our banner up during our meeting, ideally near the corner of Ponderosa and Temple. If you can assist us we would like to hear from you.

Rick Smith's column in July's TOE referenced a song from the TV series "Cheers." Its theme song was "Where everybody knows your name." I hope we can create a friendly place also. So put your name tags on and greet each other by name. If you have any comments about our meetings please let us know.

A reminder -- Helen Long is looking for an assistant to help her with the website. You can reach her by e-mail. Thanking you in advance for your assistance,

Jim Brown