The President's Message

August 2009

Rick Curry

As we enter summer's last month, the Ventura County Fair will be in town Aug 5-16.

The speaker for our meeting on Aug. 22 will be Orville Beach, and he will be presenting Linux.

Thanks to Kim Terry for his presentation of "Cloud Computing & SaaS (Software as a Service)." I left that meeting a believer. The opportunity to shift risk and liability to a service organization is just the sort of thing businesses will jump at. As someone who has worked in corporate IT departments, I think this appears to be another way in which the industry will consolidate and downsize. It will be good for business, but not for careers that rely on all moderately sized companies having a crew of programmers.

Toby has been showing us more advanced CSS concepts, such as z-order and relative positioning within containers, in his HTML/CSS SIG.

Did you know that there are four ways to access our club's calendar of events? We are using Google calendars, and they make things easy for us. In addition to the web (html) calendar you can find on the club's home page at, you can access the calendar as an RSS feed, and as an ics or iCal Subscription (used by Macintosh and calendar programs such as Sunbird).

The fourth way you can access the calendar is as a Google calendar. To do this, you will need a Google account. Anyone who has a Yahoo e-mail account has gone through a similar process. Google will ask you some questions, then send you an e-mail to verify who you are. When the calendar is used this way, you can copy events from the club calendar to your personal calendar, set alarms, and republish your customized calendar complete with RSS feed on your own Web page. To get started with Google calendar, visit

In order to subscribe to the club calendar with RSS, Sunbird, or a Macintosh visit my annotated calendar page at

Finally, I am considering a group or collaboration framework for the club. I'm thinking of a place where club members can post their thoughts, experiences, and insights on a variety of club-related topics. One thing that is certain is that any forum would need a moderator who could ruthlessly reject posts that stray from the topic.

  • Weblogs or Blogs (
  • Forums (
  • Groups (

If you would be interested in volunteering to serve as forum moderator, or if you have experiences you can share to make groupware work with a small volunteer staff, please send me an email at