The President's Message


David Harris

At present, we have more members than last year at this time. Since we moved to our new location, meeting attendance has increased, and we continue to add members. Our programs for the past year since cooperating with the nearby clubs have given us excellent vendor presenters. We are also the most active club in Southern California. The Linux group has joined our club and has a SIG meeting each month. Our Beginners Class was "standing room only," has been moved to the main room, renamed "Windows and Hardware," and has turned into a very informative session. Please come at 8:45 a.m. and join Mike, who does an excellent job presenting and answering questions.

The club has openings for some additional volunteers. We need someone to be the computer show coordinator, a legal adviser, a librarian, a SIG coordinator and a marketing person. Please, if you have an hour a month to give to your club, become a part of the team. Your present board is filling these open positions and could use some assistance. For questions on job descriptions, contact any officer.

In summary, "All is well" as I have not had one member complaint since taking office and have received many excellent suggestions. I'm looking forward to the next 12 months.