The President's Message

July 2014

by Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo, President

Established 1987

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

I want to express my appreciation to Mazen El Ghadban for his excellent Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft phone presentation.

As promised, I was part of the three-person Southwest Technology and Computer Convention (SWCC) tech support team led by Dr. Sexton. We supported the audio and video in four rooms. There were major issues in one room that required most of Dr. Sexton’s attention. Unfortunately. I wasn’t able to attend full sessions.

Mazen El Ghadban of the Microsoft Store was a big hit at SWCC. The Microsoft store donated enough of their reusable bags for each attendee. They were defiantly a big hit with everyone. I use mine for my water bottles at work.

The SWCC Presentations

Bob Gostischa’s Presentations

Judith Delgado’s macular degeneration presentation has an easy macular degeneration test. I didn’t know the difference between wet and dry macular degeneration before the presentation. Her organization’s website is


Elliott Stern has agreed to present his Perfecting Your Computer Back Up presentation to us.

Judy Taylour said she’ll consolidate and post submitted atendees notes. I strongly recommend reviewing the notes and presentations.

atendees notes

Happy computing!