The President's Message

July 2009

Rick Curry

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July holiday.

July is upon us. The Ventura County Fair will be happening Aug 5-16. For any shutterbugs with a last-minute entry for the photography contest at the fair, you will now have to take it to the fair yourself on July 24 or 25 in order to be entered.

The speaker for our July 25 meeting will be Kim Terry, CEO of Terrosa Technologies. He will be presenting "Cloud Computing and SaaS (Software as a Service)." Remember the big data processing companies? They're back, but with a modern twist. Come find out why businesses are warming up to the idea of letting a third party manage and operate their business logic and data, with the businesses potentially never knowing what hardware decisions were made or what country the processing will take place in.

The Digital Photo SIG will be offering a field trip on July 11; apologies if this notice is getting to you a little bit late, but it was a last-minute addition.

Thanks to author Akkana Peck for her presentation of the Gimp image editor at our June meeting. I had no idea that mask filters could produce the sort of real-time effects that Akkana demonstrated.

The first HTML/CSS SIG covered basic information about CSS files. If you have aspirations of building a professional-looking Web site, Toby’s personal insight into web design is priceless.

Something I stumbled into on the Web: the R programming language. For anyone interested in statistical analysis, and especially if you would consider publishing graphs of your findings, R can be an invaluable tool. It is easily accessible from Python and Perl as well as common IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) such as Eclipse. It is open source, has a large library of community-contributed tools, and integrates readily with C and even Fortran external functions. A good starting place to read about it, as usual, is Wikipedia.