The President's Message

JULY 2006

Lois Evans de Violini

Have you ever tried to help someone with a computer problem by phone or e-mail? Have you ever tried to explain your problem to someone by phone or e-mail? If you have, you know how difficult and sometimes frustrating the procedure can be.

Toby Scott has proposed an online computer help service for members only. We would use open-source remote access software with a sign-up on the CIPCUG Web site. With this software, the helper would have control over the remote computer and screen sharing. Thus, the helper would be able to actually see the problem and has the control necessary to fix it as the person wanting the help watched. There would be no preinstalled software on the PC of the person requiring help. Instead, there would be a quick, friendly download connection that could be set up in a very brief time and go away when help was no longer needed. CIPCUG with Toby's help will have all the tools necessary to provide such help. All that is necessary are the members interested in volunteering to assist as helpers. If you find this concept interesting and would like to volunteer to help in some specific area of expertise, please contract me at Please provide you full name, e-mail address, telephone number and the area where you can provide help. If you think you can help with just one piece of software, don't hesitate to volunteer. I hope everyone providing help via the F1 Key in the TOE will volunteer for this new method, too.

Don't forget one of the great benefits of our club is the ability each of us have to put our knowledge to good use by helping other members. Overwhelm me with e-mail volunteering to help.