The President's Message

JULY 2004

David Harris

This month I will finish my first year of my two-year term as president. I would like to say that I worked hard, attended many extra meetings, making hard decisions, many hours of phone calls and worked my tail off to keep the club as successful as it was running when I took over. I cannot!

This club is blessed with numerous members who volunteer for the many tasks necessary for a smooth operation. You look forward to getting our award-winning newsletter. Think, how many people submit and write articles, prepare, fold, address and mail your newsletter?

At the monthly meeting who sets up the computer, projector, chairs and tables for the meeting? How do our sign, coffeemaker, PA System, door prizes etc., get to the Boys & Girls Club?

I have been trying to identify the key helpers and come up with a base of 18 and many extra hands at each meeting. The club could not run without their help and cooperation. This is your club, and I want to sincerely thank all those who give of themselves monthly to make CIPCUG one of the top computer clubs in Southern California.

I look forward to the next 12 months working with these fine, hardworking people.