The President's Message

June 2019

by Andy Toth

Established 1987

If you have been to the meetings or reading the, you are aware that June is election month. Ed Lynch volunteered to run for president for the 2019-2020 term. Ed is a long time member. I have seen him at meetings but never have talked with. Thank you, Ed. I will be running for treasurer.

Craig Ladd will continue as vice president, Bob Dinsmore as secretary, and Ken Church as membership chairman. Continuing appointed members of the board are technical advisers Toby Scott and Michael Shalkey, TOE Editor John Weigle, reviews chairman and publicity chairman Bart Koslow.

Meeting attendance has generally been 30-40 members. This is not enough to elect. Please attend the meeting or send a handwritten proxy vote to CIPCUG, P.O. Box 51354, Oxnard CA 93030-1354. There may even be a form in TOE.

This will be the ending of my second term as president. I will say this term was much easier and less confrontational.

I was camping this weekend and somehow ended up in a conversation of the Adroid OS. The nutshell: I was told by the person that when they touch this ICON, it does what they want it to do. I responded it does what you were taught it does and you accepted it regardless of the privacy and access you are granting. That ICON does not do what I want it to, it does what it was designed to do, gather information and spy. The response was that's my problem. As I disable more and more of the Google applications on my phone ancillary apps loose functionality. Maybe Google should become GoDgle.