The President's Message

Established 1987

July 2013

by Jim Brown, President

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

I have spent a bit of time since our last CIPCUG meeting thinking about this last column-the people that make this organization continue efficiently, their dedication, and my appreciation for their work. I remember an old saying-"If you want something done-ask a busy person." Each member of the board has a life outside of this club, busy with work, volunteering also to organizations of interest outside of this computer club yet they do an excellent job for this club-often behind the scenes, quietly-so I thought I would take this time to thank them publicly because in truth my job as President is not as arduous as theirs.

John Weigle is our newsletter editor. At every meeting he sits in the back of the room writing down the complete meeting which will be the "meat" of our newsletter. He has contributors-people who are taking the time to research and write essays on their findings which John puts in the newsletter. Among the monthly contributors are Bill Wayson, Jim Thornton, and others. Included in his work is the dialog of the sigs, the contributions of members of the board, and article that John has read and shares with us monthly. John's efforts have resulted in an award winning newsletter-recognized among our computer group peers.

Art Lewis (aka Eagle Eye) watches over our club finances-we need him on the federal level.

Craig Ladd (our Vice-president) is in contact with other groups, arranges for presentation to our group, compiles items for the monthly raffle, and has his finger on what is going on.

Andy Toth is a Past-President who is our web-master and keeps the site current.

Rick Curry is our Immediate Past-President who works our club publicity, and has been a great researcher whenever we have considered a project.

Diane Mortenson-Henderson our secretary records all proceedings, has good ideas and will present good arguments for what she feels is correct.

Helen Long-a devoted member keeps note, recycles our printer cartridges, works behind the scenes quietly. She reminds me of the "Wise Maxine" of e-mail fame.

Our tech-advisors who are the center of our meetings-Michael, Toby, Jessica, and Rick generously give of their time, in many areas of our club's needs.

Our audio system is handled By David Minkin along with Curt Davidson. Their work is important as John Weigle needs to use the audio for his meeting notes.

There are other members who also contribute time and energy from the ladies that handle the raffles, the members who contribute to the club by their communication, time, and money.

I especially want to thank Diane, Craig who met with me at least twice a week as we planned our 25th Anniversary Party last year. We had quite an enjoyable time working out the details.

The real "Hero" of the 25th was Rick Smith-the same Rick Smith who creates "Rick Rants" every month. He put together the anniversary program, somehow had "Marilyn Monroe" leap out of computer on stage and sing "Happy Birthday" to the club. Great stuff and I won't forget it. We have kicked around ideas of a "Celebrity Roast" and a "Carnac the Magnificent" who foretells the future. You got to love it.

I guess you can tell my time as your president has been an enjoyable one-Thanks to all the people who have made it possible. I know our next President will enjoy the experience also.


Jim Brown

Happy computing!