The President's Message

June 2008

Paul Westefer

During the coffee break at the May meeting I was chatting with two longtime CIPCUG members. They expressed an interest in a presentation on the current status of speech-recognition programs. The board will explore the possibility of having such a presentation. The board welcomes expressions of interest in subjects for our monthly meetings and for SIGs.

In the board meeting which followed the general meeting in May, several other possible subjects were discussed. One was genealogy. Another was using the computer to explore financial vehicles such as stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, etc. Toby Scott has conducted SIGs on the subject in the past, and they were well attended.

My wife and I have done 35 home exchanges both in the United States and other countries. These are NOT time shares. There are half a dozen or more organizations which post available exchanges on the Internet. You can offer to exchange your home or a vacation home.

There is no charge except for your listing. I have volunteered to do a SIG for members who would like more information.

The Ventura County Star, on May 28, printed an article saying the Justice Department has ruled that online real estate brokers cannot be denied access to multiple listing by members of the National Association of Realtors. Already many potential home buyers search the Internet for homes for sale listings. This ruling should increase the number of potential buyers who consult the Internet first.

Michael Shalkey has conducted SIGs on his favorite Web sites.

Perhaps we might take some time one month and have each of our members name a personal favorite web site. Google, Yahoo, and the CIPCUG Web site are not eligible. Remember, we can't serve you if you don't tell us what you want.