The President's Message

June 2002

Andy Toth

For the past 2? years, Mike Strecker has led the Beginners’ SIG at our general meetings. He is officially retiring and relocating to another state. He has helped many of us accelerate our learning of various operating systems, hard-drive navigation and maintenance, e-mail, and anything we may want to do with a personal computer. He is a very talented individual. He prepared a handout before each SIG, allowing each attendee to have a hard copy of the day’s lesson. I and the other members of the club thank Mike for his years of dedication to the club. He will be missed.

June is election month. This year three positions are open. The following have consented to the nomination: Craig Ladd, vice president; Art Lewis, treasurer; and Martha Churchyard, secretary. Voting will take place at the general meeting. As of this writing I do not know if voting will be available on the web. Check for details. (Update: Voting is available on the Web page. See the story on page 10. -- Editor) CIPCUG depends on volunteers to fill various offices and help out as tasks arise. This organization has over 300 members. You are reading this because a group of members assemble every month to handle the TOE mailing. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me.

I found the Handspring presentation very interesting. I have never been interested in a PDA before. I never investigated them. I usually do not ever read what I write in my DAY PLANNER. It just looks good in meetings. The phone and Web integration with the PDA by Handspring has definite possibilities for a very versatile tool. Who knows, I probably will not read the graffiti I write but instead of looking good, impressive can be added. Seriously though, this tool looks like it is coming of age.

Jim Thornton has again volunteered to take charge of the Annual Garage Sale in July. It is time to dust off the old boards, components and software packages no longer in use. The club will again have a table where the proceeds go directly to the club. Have a single item or two and figure it is not worth the effort to sell? Then donate it to the club. The worst that can happen is that it won’t sell, and you will win it in the raffle at the end.