The President's Message

June 2001

George Lakes

This is my 24th column of COMMAND.COM as President of the Channel Islands PC Users Group (CIPCUG). I plan on remaining active over the next two years as a helpful Past President. Toby Scott was a very supportive Past President during my term in office. He always attended the Executive Meetings, offering input and expertise to help us meet some of the challenges along the way. I received support and cooperation from the other members of the Executive Board, Craig Ladd, VP; Laura Pacheco, Sec.; and Art Lewis, Tr.; who will be continuing in their respective offices as well as Nita Lang who was VP during my first year. Nita Lang will be using her expertise in assisting Craig Ladd, our VP, as the program director.

Two people who have given unselfishly of their time each month at the general meeting are: Toby Scott who conducts both an internet SIG and the Q & A session and Mike Strecker who gives a beginner’ s SIG before the general meeting starts and our Past, Past President, Robert Provart who did it before him.

Another member who has been indispensable to our club is John Weigle who is our newsletter editor and publisher, writes up the Q & A’s and also does software program reviews and writes the editor’s column each month. He also over sees the newsletter folding party (10 to 12 volunteers each month out of a list of 30) separated into zip codes, packaged up and takes them to the main post office.

Jim Thornton has continued to be the Garage Sale Coordinator for the second year and is currently taking on Club Publicity, contacting newspapers, radio and television stations and bulletin boards. Jim has also contributed numerous articles to the newsletter.

We have had a large number of club members who have taken on some chairmanships that have really helped make the club fly. Helen Long, Web Mistress and Club Greeter (who will continue); our past Membership Chairman, John Godwin and our new Membership Chairman, Ken Church; our past Computer Show Chairperson, Paddy Ruzella and our new Computer Show Chairperson, Roland Fleig. The following Chair people have volunteered to continue in their respective positions: SIG Coordinator, Ralph Duchacek; Laura Pacheco and Arline Lakes sharing the Raffle Table, with Paddy Ruzella substituting for June. Librarian, Arthur Jensen; Equipment Hauling, Barry Creasap and Dick Otterson; PA System Technician, Henry Tanner; and our two ladies who serve the coffee and donuts with a smile, Dixie Jensen and Dorothy Creasap.

Gracia Marks was the advertising person for a number of years. We now have a newly formed committee of volunteers to take on this task including: Laura Pacheco, Ron Pinkerton, Jim Pass and Roland Fleig. These people were also the Nominating Committee for this election and also contacted members to replace those retiring from Committee Chairmanships. A special thanks to the volunteers who do the SIGs at both Gateway and Ventura County Computers, to those who contribute articles to the TOE, to those who man the booth at the computer shows and those who help with mailing the TOE.

I will continue picking up the donuts unless I am out of town. At that time, Jerry Crocker (our club photographer) will do the honors of picking them up as well as bringing the raffle drum, which I have also been in charge of. I will continue to package up and mail the ink jet cartridges for our fun raiser, so remember to keep saving them. Arline and I with help from Art Lewis, will make the changes in the bylaws for approval by the Board by early this fall. We will continue to host the folding parties for the TOE at our house. There is an open invitation for the Executive Board to continue meeting at our home if desired.

Our Non Profit Corporation like any other corporation, must have an annual meeting as prescribed in the constitution and bylaws. At this meeting, election of officers takes place and a quorum is required to qualify to make it valid. Therefore, I suggest that all of us who are unable to attend the meeting in person, file an electronic absentee ballot via our web page 14 days prior to meeting until 4 days before the meeting (Starting on May 19th through May 29th) to ensure that we have the necessary quorum for making our election valid.

I believe Andy Toth, our presidential candidate, will make an excellent president and will contribute greatly to the betterment of the Channel Islands PC Users Group.

My profound thanks to all of the people I have mentioned above and I hope you will thank them as well! My very best wishes to all of you and keep on computing!