The President's Message

May 2009

Paul Westefer

MARK YOUR CALENDER FOR JUNE 27! At the April meeting, I asked members who would be interested in a barbecue on that date after the CIPCUG meeting to raise their hands. The response was even greater than the Board of Directors expected.

Craig Ladd is making the arrangements with the Texas Cattle Company, which is near our meeting place. The board has eaten there occasionally in the past. The food and service are good, and the prices are reasonable. Further details will be published in the May issue of TOE, on the CIPCUG Web site, and at the May 23 general and annual meeting. Dave Harris will make a presentation on the history of computers, which should be very interesting. See page 3 of TOE.

A vote will be taken in the annual meeting for membership on the Board of Directors The present members, whose names appear on page 2 of TOE, have agreed to serve for serve for another term if elected. Rick Curry has volunteered to serve as president. Any member wanting to be a board candidate may volunteer to do so prior to or at the May meeting.

On a personal note, I thank all of the members who have helped me during my term. I would like to list you all individually, but that would take a full page and might oversize this issue of TOE.

You know who you are anyway, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I do want to thank Rick Smith and Michael Shalkey especially for their outstanding presentation and the excellent answers they made in the April meeting.

If you want to participate in the May Computer Tune Up sign up ASAP at The number of computers that can be checked is limited.