The President's Message

May 2008

Paul Westefer

With the election of officers about to take place, it is appropriate to recognize the contributions of the current officers and others in the past year.

Vice President and Program Chairman Craig Ladd has had to deal with a diminishing number of companies who make speakers available, which has led to last-minute cancellations. He also obtains the prizes for our monthly drawings.

Diane Mortensen volunteered to take over when Martha Churchyard could no longer continue as secretary.

Treasurer Art Lewis not only kept us in the black, but also increased the club's bank balance.

Lois Evans de Violini, as immediate past president, served as a member of the board of directors.

John Weigle not only served as editor of our award-winning newsletter but also located a new printer, which reduced our costs. John also found a location at the Ventura County Star for Mike Shalkey to conduct his post-general meeting SIGs.

Ken Church served as membership chairman and as a member of the board of directors.

Helen Long continued as a member of the board of directors, Web page editor, took signups for the CIPCUG ISP, and guided members seeking information.

Thanks to all of our members who conducted SIGs or contributed to TOE.

Most of all, thanks to the crew from Ventura County Computers, Toby Scott, Mike Shalkey and Rick Smith, and to David Minkin, who records their presentations. Not only do they do Internet, e-mail SIGs, a regular Q&A, and computer clinics, but they also step up on short notice when a scheduled presenter cancels. Toby keeps several programs in reserve so that he can fill in with little or no notice.

Since CIPCUG does not have its own facilities, all of the equipment involved must be set up, taken down and stored each month. Thanks to Toby, Mike, David and all our members who have assisted in this process.