The President's Message

May 2007

Lois Evans de Violini

I don't know how many times Rick got to say "I'll be a monkey's uncle" at the clinic during our last meeting. He's so knowledgeable, I'm certain it wasn't often. But I am absolutely certain that all the members who brought in their computers found this clinic invaluable. To be able to have your personal computer reviewed by someone like Rick, with tools that the home user doesn't have (unless he had several computers and at least one devoted to diagnosing problems) has to be worth several years' membership dues. Members had all this for a minor fee per computer. Some felt the clinic so valuable that they brought in more than one computer.

We can't overwork Rick, but we are going to try to have this clinic at least once a quarter. So, as a member, you, too, can have this special "tune-up" for your computer for only $10. Rick will help you be sure that no viruses, no spyware or other nefarious programs are lurking on your machine. Also, Rick gives individual hints on what you can do to clean out unnecessary clutter from your machine and keep it running fast and smooth. I have already heard from members who took advantage of this first clinic saying that the clinic is a great idea and that Rick did a great job. Take advantage of this great new membership benefit. Rick can only do a few machines each time. Watch the Web site and sign up early or you might miss the next opportunity.

Art Lewis, our treasurer, has been given a very well-deserved life membership in CIPCUG. This is the club's way of giving him thanks for all he's done. From all of us; thank you, Art!!

At the last meeting, our speaker from Smart Computing had an early plane to catch, so at the last minute, we changed our normal meeting schedule to accommodate this problem. Our apologies if this proved to be an inconvenience to any of you. My thanks to everyone who came though and made it all work. We had a great meeting! Smart Computing is a wonderful magazine and the program well presented

At the May meeting, nominations for the next year's officers will be closed. The nomination committee of Paul Westefer and Arline and George Lakes has done a great job, and we have someone for all offices except one. If you would like to run for any office, please contact the nominating committee or present your nomination from the floor at the next meeting. Before any members are nominated, they must be contacted and have agreed to serve if elected.

Currently all the people who can serve again and are listed on the Executive Board have agreed to serve for the 2006-2007 term. The major change is that David Harris will no longer be immediate past president.

That will be my role. Paul Westefer has agreed to run for president, since Caroline Corser found it necessary to withdraw.