The President's Message

MAY 2006

Lois Evans de Violini

May is our annual meeting where we take care of the important business of the organization, including the election of officers. The president's term of office is two years with no re-election, and this year will be my second and last year as president. All other officers are up for re-election. The nominating committee of Jim Burke and Paul Westefer have determine that all the present officers are willing to run again, and no one else has come forward and offered to help. If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the work of the society, please come forward and let me know.

Thanks to our editor's hard work, we have found ways to reduce our TOE expenses so that it now seems feasible to keep the paper copy of our newsletter/journal for everyone. But, as I have mentioned in previous columns, there is a need to increase dues because our expenses will still exceed our revenue by a small amount each year if we do not do so. Therefore, the board has voted to recommend that we increase our dues by $5 in all categories. This means that a new member's dues will be $35, and a new family membership $55. Renewals will be $30 for a single membership, $35 for a family membership and $20 for a subscription to TOE. The rest of the board and I ask that you all vote for this increase and keep us viable.

You will be able to cast your ballot for the officers and the dues increase at our May meeting, or online. The ballot will be on our Web site two weeks before the 27th of May meeting.