The President's Message

May 2003

Andy Toth

The final CIPCUG CD has been sold. There must not have been many issues, as I received only two calls for assistance. I hope the members are using it. We will put another set together at the end of this year. See something to include, send me an e-mail. A number of suggestions were made to improve content presentation, and they will be implemented.

The board members will have toured the Boys & Girls Club in Camarillo by the time this has been published. The details are very crude at this time. Hopefully, a more complete disclosure can be made at the May General Meeting. A few of the amenities are a freeway- close location, ample parking, high-speed Internet connection and potential use of computer lab for hands-on SIGs. All this is in negotiation. Some of the amenities may require a teaching trade. Teaching is in the club charter and one of the reasons for its existence. More information to follow. I want to thank all who provided information and helped in the search. It is not over, but progress is being made in completing the search.

I had the opportunity to reinstall yet another operating system for myself.

This time I decided not to install the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access). I am going to commit to Open Office for my home computing needs.

I have already recommended to my employer's IT that Linux with Star Office be the standard desktop and Windows systems be special use as the SUNs are now. The Star Office selection is more political than operational.

I am thinking about starting another SIG sequence on Open Office. There are two components I plan to concentrate on: 1) Web page design capability, and 2) the DRAWing capability. The drawing package is one of the most intuitive I have ever used. As far as I can tell, it is very comparable to Corel Draw.

There is not a overabundance of books on Open Office. Those available are written to quickly make you a user. Anybody else ready to cast off MS Office for starters?