The President's Message

May 2001

George Lakes

By the time we were finished with the Tuesday evening Board Meeting, I was really pleased at the way members have volunteered to carry on the various tasks that keep our club running smoothly. The nominating committee, have been very successful. We currently have a candidate for president Andy Toth. The remaining board members are continuing in their respective offices and will be on the ballot. There can be nominations from the floor. Voting will be in June and the newly elected President and slate of officers will take office in July. There were several chairmanships that needed to be filled and volunteers have stepped forward to take over.

I feel it would still be a good idea to vote electronically if you are unable to attend the June meeting. Arline is a delegate and I am on the Board of Directors for the Pacific Council for Organ Clubs (PCOC), which will be meeting on the same day. We would like to cast our votes. I am certain there are other club members who would possibly like to do the same. Helen Long, our Web Mistress, will be putting the ballot on our Web Page for those unable to attend the June meeting.

Jim Thornton as the Garage Sale Coordinator will be asking for people to bring items to sell and also include notices for more buyers. He will be looking forward to hearing from you. Jim is also our publicity chairman. He has a number of ideas about informing the public of our club and what it has to offer.

I hope that more members will take advantage of our Web Page offerings, which inform you of all aspects of what is going on in our club. Our Web Mistress, Helen Long has done a great job and continues to update the information frequently. Remember, that’s the place where you find out about SIGs. You can even sign up for an e-mail reminder, the day before the SIG incase you have forgotten about it.

Craig Ladd, our Vice President, is going to go to the Southern California Regional Users Group (SCRUG) meeting on Saturday, April 21st at the home of Marian Orem in La Cresenta. The group has quarterly meetings in January, April, July and October from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. This is the first time in a long while that we have had a representative from our club attend. Thanks, Craig!

Following the June election, Nita Lang will become the program chairperson. This will be a help to Craig because of the difficult, time consuming, effort it takes to procure programs to meet our monthly meeting deadline.

At the Board Meeting, we discussed what might be done to get the work completed in up-dating the bylaws of our Constitution. It was suggested that we wait until after the election and hopefully I will have more time to get the job done while I am in the working "Past President" mode.