The President's Message

MAY 2000

George Lakes

Why wasn't the library there on Saturday at the General Meeting? The answer is simple. There wasn't sufficient vehicle capacity for transporting everything in one trip. On occasion, if the library is not there, the club members seem to handle it pretty well, however, we certainly wouldn't want that situation to become the norm. I believe there would be some very unhappy people. Needless to say, I am asking for help again. I feel it would be a good idea to have three to four people with vehicles, preferably pickups with camper shells and /or vans to protect our equipment and supplies in transit when they are needed. If we had a roster of this size in addition to our regular crew, it would make it a lot easier on everyone. So, if you have a vehicle and are willing to help, send me an e-mail message or call me at 983-2969. This will not be a sentence to Siberia, but will be a chance to help the club once or twice a year and give our regular crew an occasional break. We don't want our regular crew suffering from burnout or you might be the only ones left to do the job!

Our April meeting ran late due to several factors, which we will have to correct. No matter what time we start our coffee and donut break, (a few minutes early or a few minutes late), everyone has to be back in their seats promptly at eleven o'clock. We do owe the presenter this courtesy. And let me tell you, presenters no longer grow on every bush! They are very difficult to come by. As a rule, it is a matter of sending back and forth many emails over a period of time. Randy Whittle had been in touch with Nita Lang, and she asked him to fill in on short notice because the original one scheduled had canceled out. This would have left us high and dry if he hadn't filled in. Normally, Randy would have been scheduled later in the year. In spite of this, Randy Whittle gave us a good presentation and we were pleased he helped us out.

The board discussed the confusion in regard to the raffle tickets. In the future, the presenter will be notified prior to the program date as to how our raffle is run and what is hopefully expected of the presenter in donating something of his/her software for door prizes. In the event the presenters want to create a database for future reference, they should put a form on each seat prior to the presentation nd people may fill them out as they take their seats. This should cut down on presenter time and make it fair to everyone by giving everyone a chance to get into the presenter's special raffle.

The recent survey has resulted in 58 replies and an occasional one still popping up in our mailbox. If you haven’t returned yours yet, there is still time to send it in. It will be tabulated and added to the other information we have received. We wish to thank all of you who have already responded. So far, the majority listed themselves as intermediates with 9 beginners and 15 dvanced. As for the preferred questions, 15 wanted more beginner questions, 29 intermediate questions and 8 wanted expert questions. 20 wanted or approved of having questions for all levels. The reason for the disparity in the numbers is because some members answered a preference, but at the same time, approved of all levels combined.

There have been many worthwhile comments and suggestions, which will take time to implement, but we will try to follow through as time allows. We have asked for your input and we will try to respond to the needs of the members whenever possible.

You have given praise to several of our deserving club members including Nita Lang who has done a wonderful job of getting programs, which is very difficult and sometimes frustrating, and to Toby Scott (our Past President and fearless leader) who has done a terrific job of leading the Q & A and Internet SIGs.

We received a copy of APCUG’s quarterly report which Arline and I glanced through just shortly before the board meeting. We will go over it more thoroughly and give you something to look forward to in next month’s Command Com.