The President's Message

April 2015

by Lisa Toth, Presidential Candidate

Established 1987

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

My name is Lisa Toth. I have decided to run for the position of president. I welcome anyone who is interested in the position to step up and run as well.

Before I introduce myself, let me say how much Art Lewis is going to be missed by myself as well as the entire club. I keep hearing he was the nicest man. That was my experience as well. He had just announced that he wanted to step down as treasurer so he could do other things. Then we received the email to tell us he had suddenly passed away. I know he will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

I have been a member for about two or three years now. My husband is Andy Toth, who served as president about 10 years ago. He knows the ropes and will help if I need it. I myself have served as president for a couple of other organizations, including the Lompoc Valley Art Association and the Ventura County Gourd Artists. I have found serving to be rewarding and now and then challenging. I know the real heavy lifting of any organization ends up being carried by a committed few wanting to make sure the club continues and thrives.

In addition to president, a treasurer and secretary are needed for the club to continue on. Please step up and volunteer to fill one of these positions. See you on the 25th.

Happy computing!

-Lisa Toth