The President's Message

April 2014

by Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo, President

Established 1987

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

The newest O’Reilly books available for review:

  • “Ethernet: The Definitive Guide,” 2nd Edition
  • “Java 8 Pocket Guide”
  • “Google Apps Script”

I’ve requested a book from the Winter 2014 O’Reily/APCUG Quarterly Book Program. I’m not certain we’ll get both “Windows 7: The Missing Manual” and “Windows 8.1: The Missing Manual.” I’m trying to get both. Also I requested “The Book of Gimp — A Complete Guide to Nearly Everything” from the “other” category. There are no strings attached to the quarterly program, and no book review is requested.

At the board meeting, we discussed placing a dropbox for questions on our website. We receive several excellent questions during the breaks one-on-one. We want to get the questions and answers to our community.

I want to express my appreciation to the board for its support during this difficult time and do a plug for early detection and breast cancer awareness. The results of the lumpectomy are in, and it is benign. By the time this is published, I will have already told my family. Over three years ago, I participated in a free screening at a health fair. I was asked to participate in a free cardiac study. I volunteered to do a low-cost additional test. A flat mass was accidently detected during the test. The mass was flat against my ribs, completely missed by all other exams, and initial tests showed signs of metastasizing and not metastasizing, with the rest of the tests inconclusive. It was removed and thoroughly analyzed. It was benign. I want to emphasize early detection is critical. That accidental detection probably saved me from a lot of pain. Unfortunately, that is only part of what has been distracting me. Maybe part of life will calm down the end of next month. I appreciate the board covering for me and the club’s patience.

I found this “Big Data gatherers/analysts”“Big Data gatherers/analysts” table interesting. Andy Marken provided the link.

Happy computing!