The President's Message

APR 2009

Paul Westefer

Arline and George Lakes, Craig Ladd, and I met recently and went through a listing of all the members of CIPCUG. We were considering potential candidates for president of CIPUG.

As we went through the listing, we realized that we often could not match faces to many names even when a name was very familiar to us.

Our monthly meetings serve their educational purpose but, other than the coffee break, don't afford an opportunity to get acquainted with other members. This led to a discussion of the desirability of having a social event for members, perhaps after a monthly meeting.

As reported in the Board of Director article in this month’s TOE, we are considering several possible events. WE WOULD LIKE YOUR INPUT. THE E-MAIL ADDRESSES FOR BOARD MEMBERS APPEAR ON PAGE 2 OF TOE. We will discuss your responses at the April meeting.

In accordance with the bylaws of Channel Islands PC Users Group, an election of officers will be announced in this issue of TOE and at the April meeting. The election will take place in the May meeting. The officers are President, Vice President, Secretary. Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. Any current member is eligible to seek an elective office.

At the March meeting there was a discussion of the duties of the president. For the benefit of members who were not present, these are some of the points discussed.

1. The president does not have to be an expert in computer technology. It is basically an administrative position.

2. In the event the president is unavailable for a meeting the vice president or another officer may conduct the meeting.

3. The president conducts the business section of the general meetings, the meetings of the Board of Directors, and writes the column for TOE.

4. On occasion the president and involved members of the board deal with problems that arise. Such problems are infrequent.

5. The current members of the Board of Directors have served for several years and work well together without acrimony.