The President's Message

April 2007

Lois Evans de Violini

At the February board meeting, we voted to try having our board meeting immediately after the close of our regular program meetings on Saturday. March was our first try at this new format, and I think it was a great success. Assuming we can find a place to meet immediately after the program meeting, we will continue this format and hopefully more and more of you will join us. Some members drop in for just a moment or two, but others stayed and expressed some very good ideas.

From those who stayed, we found helpers for Craig Ladd and Ken Church. Harold Johnson and Mike Nicholes will be helping Craig, and Paul Westefer and Mike Nicholes will be helping Ken.

We have been very fortunate to find a wonderful person willing to run for the next CIPCUG president, Caroline Corser. She, too, attended this last board meeting. Welcome, Caroline. At our next meeting, look for her and introduce yourself.

Nominations are still open for all offices so if you'd like to run or have someone you would like to nominate, please contact our nomination committee and tell them you are willing to serve.

The committee consists of Arline and George Lakes (983-2969, e-mail:, and Paul Westefer (984-7722, e-mail: WE NEED MORE HELPERS! If you don't want to run for an office, but are willing to help one of our officers, please let us know.

One of our most popular SIGs has been the one held by Michael Shalkey on the Saturday afternoons after our meeting. The Oxnard CompUSA store is planning to close, and there will be no more meetings there. Watch the Web site for updates on the availability and location of our SIGs.

Two new topics for SIGs have been suggested. Actually they are not new topics but are instead topics that have been suggested before but fell by the wayside because there was no one willing to lead them.

They are an investments SIG and digital photo SIG. Are you interested in these? If so, send me a message. If you'd like to lead either of these or know someone who would be good at leading them, please let me know. My e-mail again is

Don't forget our next meeting is the beginning of our "tuneup" sessions. Bring in your own machine - just the box (computer) - no monitor, keyboard or mouse, and Rick will look at your machine and tell you what you might be able to do to make it run better.

This is by appointment only, so get on the Web site at and make your own personal appointment for a computer "tuneup" session. Laptops are OK, too.