The President's Message

APRIL 2006

Lois Evans de Violini

According to our bylawa, the annual meeting takes place on the fourth Saturday of May each year for the purpose of electing officers and tranacting other business. All officers/directors serve a term of one year except the president whose term is two years. The president may not serve a consective second term. This year the following officers/directors positions are open: vice-president, secretary, treasurer, membership chair, SIG chair, Web/ISP chair, and technical advisor. All of the incumbents in these offices areelegible for re-election, but we need more help. Also on the agenda for the annual meeting will be the question of a $5 dues increase that is needed to keep us viable.

I have appointed a nominating committee of Paul Westerfer and Jim Burke to serve for this year's election. They will present the list of nominees at the April meeting. If you wish to serve in any of these offices, please contact either Paul or Jim and let them know. We need new volunteers, and you would be most welcome. Paul can be contacted by calling (805) 985-7722 or by e-mail at Jim can be contacted by calling (805) 485-2803 or by e-mail at

An organization like ours depends heavily on volunteers. Some volunteers are able to help with presentations, answering members' questions, caring for the audio/projection system, or editing our newsletter, and others help by spending one morning a month folding the newsletter so it can be mailed to the rest of us. With the new printer and ability to mail the newsletter flat, it may be that these volunteers will be released from their monthly folding sessions. However, there were problems in the first try of our new printer. We hope these problems will be worked out. but I don't want all these dedicated folks to go away just yet. We may need you back. In either case, Bob Thompson, Gary and Bernadine Smith, Paddy Ruzella, John and Dora Pryor, Ron Pinkerton, David Minkin, Helen Long, Nita Lang, George and Arline Lakes, Don Colter, Dick Chaiclin, Jim Burke and John Weigle are truly thanked for their efforts.

Our sympathy goes out to Micheal Nichols for the loss of two close family members within a week: a son, Kelly, age 43, and another close relative, Steve, age 50. I hope knowing that other care helps.