The President's Message

APRIL 2005

David Harris

The club needs some help, and I am asking, or even begging, for it. Most of you come to a meeting sit down and get your questions answered, attend a class and see a presentation. At the termination of the meeting, you leave and go home.

Did you ever stop to think how many people give just a few hours monthly so we can be a successful club? We need volunteers for the board. You do not have to be a techie to be an officer or to be a board member. I am sure many of you could bring many ideas from your experience in the business world; please consider helping.

I am also looking for two people to assist in programming, not to head it up or take responsibility but just to contact two or three companies and speak to their user group liaison to arrange a presentation date mutually convenient to all.

I am also looking for three or four people to help with Membership. Our membership is slipping, as is that of most user goups, usually 5-12 percent annually. We need someone to be the contact between the colleges in the area to let the students know they are invited to attend. When Fry's opens in May, I hope we can get a few people to hand out our fliers a few hours on Saturday to let their shoppers know there is a club and what we do. I am sure this will increase membership.

We have requested help with the SIGs and received few, if any, replies. Isn't there a special program you use that you could share and show to other members? I feel that a few of you could demonstrate Excel, Adobe Elements, updating drivers, backing up data or demonstrate a few of the available search engines. How about just sharing the favorite Web pages you browse.

We have a club of over 300 members and about 20 workers. These workers all do a small job for the club, each giving a few hours monthly, and the tasks are done. Please consider giving a few hours monthly to your club. Your board can't do it all, and the present volunteers have and will continue to give assistance. Join the Team.