The President's Message

April 2004

David Harris

We are now settled in our new location. After making a few adjustments, your club is running smoothly. A few members have taken me up on my offer of free software programs in exchange for a review. One member was glad to get the Office Pro 2003 he needed in exchange for an excellent review. Let me know what you want, and I will work on it.

I am also glad to report that the cooperation of the five program chairpersons from our nearby clubs has resulted in us firming up or working with vendor presenters into 2005. Thanks, Craig, for your efforts.

As you noticed Mike Shalkey's Beginners SIG has taken over the large room for his presentation. If you are not attending this very informative class, wake up a little early and get a seat by 8:45 AM prior to our general meeting. Thanks, Mike, for all your fine effort.

Our annual garage sale will be run once again by Jim Thornton in July. Look through your stuff and see what you don't need. If you don't want to bother setting up a table, how about donating what you are not using to the club? We will have a table set up to sell those donations for the club's treasury. Donations will be accepted starting at the May meeting. Please, only software and hardware that is Win 98 or later compatible.

We have decided to combine an after our meeting lunch at Coco's with our board meeting. This will enable members to break bread with your board, become familiar with the club's happenings and express your individual ideas and input to your board. Your input is valuable for a successful operation. I invite all members to have lunch with your board.