The President's Message

March 2019

by Andy Toth

Established 1987

The year seems to be moving fast. It's March already. The club elections in June are approaching quickly. According to our by-laws, we need to elect a new president or change the by-laws. I've already done that once. It is not fun. I'm going to hit this hard in the coming months. Think about being president of CIPCUG. The hardest thing is writing this column.

This month's presentation was a navigation of the information APCUG, our parent organization, makes available, members or not. Michael's presentation was an excellent mix of presentation and audience participation. Michael was at the helm, but the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and Michael searched for that information on the APCUG site. It would not surprise me if we used a few of their available presentations in the coming year. Mac and Linux users can find large quantities of information. If anyone is thinking of moving to either of these platforms, check it out at I am looking forward to being updated to the Win10 update that makes a version of UBUNTU Linux available. The club had an ongoing Linux SIG for many years led by Bill Wayson. I've always dabbled in Linux, The Penguin Platform has an incredible amount of information. I may even investigate a Linux-based phone; after all, it is good enough for my refrigerator.

I was surprised by how many attendees would be interested in a SIG dealing with audio recording. There were quite a few more than I expected. I've been writing an audio series on "Care and Feeding of a Digital Music Library." I've reached the hard part: recording, cleaning up clicks, pop and hiss and tagging files. It is not that difficult to perform physically, but I'm having difficulty putting into words. After the meeting, a member suggested that I do it in a presentation at the meeting. So if we do not have a presenter for April and May, I will put together presentations to demonstrate recording, audio clean up and file tagging using my equipment and preferred software, both free and purchased.

Did I really say that?