The President's Message

Established 1987

July 2013

by Jim Brown, President

March is the month supposedly of winds -- " in like a lion and out as a lamb." Winds may also signify change and unsettled-ness. I mention this because your board is having c onversa-tions with the Boys & Girls Club concerning the ren ewal of our rental contract. So far, things are going as well as expected although we have concerns on some items listed in the proposed contract. I ask all of you to take a bit of time and look around for alternative sites where we can hold our monthly meetings. We may need a back-up positio n if we cannot reach an amicable agreement with the current B&GC adminis tration. Certainly there will be more information given at our March m eeting. Our March meet-ing is Saturday, March 23, 2013.

As a reminder of coming events, especially at our April meeting:

We are scheduling a computer tuneup for your PC s for the April meeting. The usual fee is $15. If a new member joins our computer group from January to April, we will offer the tuneup free of charge.

We will update the new flash drives for $2. If you wish to load your old CIPCUG flash drive with the new softw are, we will do it for $5.

Our April raffle will feature a Nexus7 16-bit tablet. This is a beautiful bit of hardware and very useful. There will be other great items for this raffle. This should be fun and an opportunity to win nice i tems for just a few dol-lars. The raffle ticket prices will be $5 each or five ti ckets for $20. This will be similar to the raffle at our 25 th anniversary celebration last September.

We printed business cards for our computer group. The purpose is to give you something to give out to prospective future mem bers. The card has all the information needed to inform and connect to our group. We anticipate that this will make it easier for all of us to give complete information to others. These business cards will be distributed at our March meeting and will be available at future meetings.

Have you participated in our club survey yet? Your board wants to hear your views and opinions. John Weigle and Toby Scott have devoted many hours to this project. You can find th e survey on our Web site -- Please participate. While you are there, take a look at our club bylaws.

We will have an election of officers especially the office of president in the spring. Our April meeting should be fun-filled and informative. Please send any suggestions to any board member. You can send to, and so on for all board members.

Hope to see all of you at our April meeting.

PS. I have been asked to be the marshal of the Apri l Fools Parade. I am not sure if this is an honor or what?