The President's Message

MARCH 2006

Lois Evans de Violini

At several board meetings we have discussed the continuing problem of our expenses exceeding our revenue by a small amount each year. Thanks to our editor's hard work, we have found ways to reduce our TOE expenses so that it now seems feasible to keep the paper copy of our newsletter/journal for everyone. We have increased the price of coffee to $1 per person with .50 cents for a doughnut, and this increase is enough so that our refreshment income is now meeting the costs of the refreshments.

The board will ask the membership to vote for a small dues increase of $5 at the next annual meeting in May. We have not had any dues increase for many, many years, and the board recommends that this increase be approved. Now that our meeting venue is no longer free. the small dues increase is necessary to keep us viable.

I have just opened my copy of Turbo Tax Deluxe for 2005, which includes the state download, and find an interesting new feature has been included in the version I buy. This version now includes the ItsDeductible software that assigns values for donated items. How to value the clothes and household items donated to local charitable organizations has always been difficult for me, and this new included software is very much appreciated. Maybe you, too, will find this a very useful feature to the Turbo Tax software. Intuit offered this feature before but only at an additional price.

We need to update everyone's e-mail address. Please give your current e-mail address to Ken Church. This can be done at our regular meeting or you can send Ken an e-mail update at